The Irrepressible

Film Info

Film Year: 2023

Film Duration: 30 min

Country: Denmark

Language: Danish, German


Stefan Köhler Pellegrini

Film Category

The Danish girl Ingrid seems to ignore the fact that World War II literally explodes around her family farm. She is tired of her boring countryside existence, and dreams about traveling far away. Just like her deceased dad did. When Ingrid and her little sister Agnete finds the young German deserter Otto, they decide to keep him hidden. Ingrid sees Otto as a new exiting adventure. A window to the beautiful world.

Otto doesn’t share Ingrids naïve and romantic view on the world. He has been to hell. As Ingrid tries to connect to Otto, reality creeps up on her and her positive worldview starts to collapse. She desperately clings to her escapism, and even though Otto could be the man who killed her dad, not to forget; shot a friend when he fled the army, Ingrid keeps approaching Otto with a happy mind.

What they come to realize is how they both need to understand the others perception of life, to be able to accept themselves and their inner needs. As a friendship slowly emerges, the German army approaches them. With a newfound faith in life Otto must confront his soldier comrades.