Rise from the Tide

Screening Selection

Nominated for:Best Short Film

Film Info

Film Year: 2019

Film Duration: 30 min

Country: China


Xu Mingsheng, Yang Liu

Film Category

The story takes place in a small village in China, Guangdong, 2005. Hua Xi, a girl who is left behind in the village with her grandpa by her parents who have moved to the city, has always been looking for a chance to get away from her grandpa and go to the city for good. In the conversation between Uncle Chen and the grandpa, Hua Xi learns that the volunteer education team from the city will take the best students of the ballet class to the city for a tour. She tries every way to practice ballet herself hoping that one day she can save enough money to get herself into the ballet class. One day in the swimming class, Hua Xi accidentally discovers that in the water she can easily stand on her toes and practice dancing with the buoyancy……