Dream Agency

Award Winner

Nominated for:Best Feature Film

Film Info

Film Year: 2022

Film Duration: 81 min

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English


Andy Field, Deborah Pearson

Film Category

A woman travels to an island to employ the services of a strange agency that re-enacts people’s dreams. During a re-enactment of her own dream the woman is transfixed by one of the agency’s company of actors and so decides to stay and begin a new life as a part of the company. As she is drawn further and further into the enigmatic and ramshackle world of the dream agency, she begins to question her own desires, dreams and self-delusions. DREAM AGENCY is the first narrative feature film by the award-winning UK performance collective Forest Fringe. Developed through a programme of free open access workshops, written collaboratively by a team of over 20 artists and writers, and performed by members of the collective alongside local volunteers, this project represents an attempt to playfully democratise the filmmaking process whilst still delivering a compelling story – a surreal romance beautifully shot by director of photography Luciana Riso amongst the clifftops and beaches of the island of Jersey.