Almost Human

Nominated for:Best Screenplay

Film Info

Film Year: 2019

Script Pages: 125

Country: United States

Language: English

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Tyler Ash is a man who has lost his way. A war veteran, who gave his arm in the service of his country, now suffers from nightmares and depression, finding solace in drinking and sparring with his cyber, Charlie. His life changes when Model Industries, a Cyber-tech company creates the TRC One, almost exact in every way to a human. He decides, with the help of Jen, a Model Industries’ technician, to create the perfect wife Anna. But 2100AD is a troubled time, and the lines have become blurred as to what is human and what is not. Rogue Cybers break into Model industries and steal a prototype of the TRC Two, with the purpose of training it to be a weapon. Teresa, the Model Industries’ CEO, has a secret agenda.Tyler accidently kills Anna when he discovers that she was unfaithful, and his trial and acquittal create two camps, one that feels that cybers are just machines and those that believe that Cybers deserve rights, and rioting commences. Tyler becomes a hunted man. His friend Mark tries to protect him, but Kellen, a Cyber from his past, tries to kill him. Tyler, Jen and Mark flee, seeking advice from Dr Dennison, who outlines Teresa’s plans and how to kill the Cybers. Later, in a fight for their lives, several of Kellen’s Cyber henchmen are killed, but Kellen escapes, only to find Tyler, Jen and Mark soon afterward, for one last battle, resulting in Kellen’s and Mark’s deaths. Teresa is betrayed by her TRC Two (Lilith), who kills her and takes her place. Knowing that Tyler now knows all her plans, Lilith (as Teresa) creates a TRC One with the task of hunting him down.